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About Isle of Wight Photographer and Alfie in the Air Gallery | I enjoy taking photographs in a wide range of settings for my Isle of Wight Photography Gallery, from the landscapes of Wales and Cornwall, through the urban bustle of large cities, to the peaceful unspoilt coastal areas around the south of England and the Isle of Wight.

If your looking for a particular photo, give me a shout, I will see if I can get one your after, I’m constantly travelling around the Isle of Wight and the mainland.

In my rucksack I have my Sony A7r camera, which I chose for its fantastic low-light proficiency, being a full-frame camera which produces amazing picture quality. My go-to lenses are my 24mm & 18mm for there sharpness, low light capabilities and lightweight really helps on long walks. Another lens i sometimes bring out with me is my Sony 70-200mm , it doesn’t have the biggest zoom but its picture quality is outstanding.

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My favourite way to capture photos though is by drone. This lets me photograph from different heights, angles and areas that I couldn’t access using a normal camera, although this isn’t always possible as there are a lot of restrictions on drone use. I use DJI drones, for small close up in town places I use the Mini 2 or the Mavic 3, which has a built-in 20MP Hassleblad camera. For my larger prints, more secluded areas, panoramas, I use the big Inspire 2, this drone is very fast to keep up with fast cars, its very big and fantastic in strong winds, also has a changeable camera and lenses.

I do use some filters, mainly to capture long exposure photos, I use a small company called Gobe, now rebranded as Erth, they are high quality filters and plant 5 trees for every purchase, which I think is a nice gesture.


A3,A2,A1, will come in a protective Alfie in the Air double wall insulated cardboard box , A0s will be sent in an Alfie in the Air custom made wooden box please allow up to 14 days .

No, if you would like another colour, please contact us and we can show you more variety of colours and frames choices we can do.

A3,2,1s are usually printed out and framed within 2 days, and then sent out next day delivery , so between 3 & 5 days. A0s please allow up to 14 days.

Yes of course, if you choose pick up, you will receive a text message when your picture is ready to collect, this is usually within 2 days, 5 days for an A0.

When you receive your picture ready to hang on the wall, there is no having to finding and go to a framers, waiting usually 4-6 weeks for it to be framed and ready for hang on the wall, and thats if you even get that far, people often buy prints in tubes and they end up in a draw, forgotten and never get framed.

High quality wooden moulds, wood back boards, foam boards, glass and cut to size, hangers, hanging wire all costs a lot for good quality, plus the time to make a frame, yes you can buy che aper alternatives, but they are usually perspex rather than glass, they scratch very easy, they are made of plastic and not wood, the whole frame just isnt made well, the finish isn’t very good.

Yes, but because of the cost and size we can only ship in tubes rather than framed outside of United Kingdom.

Yes, this is an option we offer, please contact us if you would like a price for this, it does add quite a bit on for the glass, but worth it in some situations.

It is recommended you have a mount, this stops the print touching the glass and to ensure longevity of your print.

Yes we can do custom sizes, please get I touch with us, and we can give you a tailed price for exactly what size your after.

Call the Isle of Wight Photography Gallery on: 01983 213009

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